Best B2B Marketplaces to Sell Clothes Online

B2b markets have grown exponentially in the last decade and are the new shift from physical stores. A B2B website allows businesses to transact with one another business when sourcing for products and materials through these platforms.

There are many B2B markets that you can find online today trying to garner a space to sell products to targeted customers with China ranked as the country with the highest number of B2B marketing agencies in the world right now, followed by U.S, India and Hong Kong. With so much choice how can you pick the best B2B marketplace to sell clothes online?

B2B trade portals unify the platforms for buyers, sellers, and businesses. The platforms are equipped with sophisticated and intuitive features to cater to unique business requirements. Here are some benefits of B2B platforms.

Benefits of Using B2B Portals

Improved Visibility for Businesses

Sales and revenues are what define a business. A business with specific goals and wants to increase more sales should engage a B2B portal for instant visibility on a global scale. B2b platforms allow business to connect easily despite geographical locations.

This exposure helps a retailer to be more visible and consequently become a global brand. Small and medium businesses should leverage the marketing opportunities offered by B2B platforms.

Affordable and Effective Web Presence and Marketing

B2B marketplaces offer a fantastic and cost-effective way where small and medium enterprises can market their products and establish a web presence for their brand. With little upfront presence, a trade portal will help businesses get connected to multiple buyers in a short time.

Besides, B2b marketplaces feature useful inbuilt marketing tools that let you grow and sell clothes online with the hassle of maintaining a website, optimization, managing marketing and social media activities.

Access to Quality Leads

B2B trade portals offer a wide range of opportunities to small and medium-sized companies to reach a wider audience and also to reach a specific niche of qualified buyers. With these platforms, you will be able to target quality leads to sell clothes online.

Improved Networking

Another critical advantage of trade portals is the opportunity it offers small and medium business owner to connect with communities that are apparent in forums for research, customer service and more. Besides, B2B companies host trade shows, seminars, and corporate events to educate retailers as well as market their portals. Small and medium businesses can leverage the opportunity presented here.

Also, as a small business e-store owner, you can get a lot of information on the trends of the industry and sample the competition to remain innovative and stay ahead of the game.

Below is a list of the most popular B2b websites.

B2B Marketplaces for Selling Clothes Online

B2b marketplaces are customized to meet the sellers’ needs and optimized to reach the customer quickly. If you want to generate more revenue, here is a list of best B2B marketplaces that you can use effectively scale your online clothing store.


Amazon is one of the largest B2B website platforms on the internet today. This website is an efficient platform with millions of product listings that a buyer can find. On the other hand, the platform offers the seller with a large inventory to provide his products to the customers.

If you haven’t listed your products on the web yet, Amazon should be the first place to consider as it will offer you with a global audience so that you can sell your products globally and scale your business.


Alibaba is a Chinese B2B trading portal giant with millions of products listed making a billion US dollar sales in a year. The platform is the best for global wholesale trade and larger than Amazon with nearly 515 active million users.

Alibaba is an efficient B@B web portal that supports more than 50 languages including Japanese, Dutch, Italiano and more. Some of its other brands include Alibaba International, Alipay, and Aliexpress. You can expect to scale your business when you list your products with this trading giant portal.


Although eWorldTrade is new in the B2B industry, it’s quickly gaining popularity with established operations across the globe. Most of the manufacturers listed in this trading portal are from U.S, India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Also, a huge percentage of the manufacturers in this marketplace are from China.

eWorldTrade is the only B2B marketplace providing ten leads free of charge when you sign up to list your inventory for business which has been its greatest selling point to small and medium-sized businesses. Its main operation is in Pakistan


eBay is a popular B2B marketplace dominating its presence in Europe and boasts over $1trillion transactions by 2016. As a retailer seeking to explore new markets and sell clothes online, it would be worth to consider reaching the UK to boost your business and increase sales.

Wrap up

B2B trading portals have accelerated online businesses development with suppliers, buyers, and manufacturers across thousands of industries with millions of products for the offering. The platforms have connected suppliers and buyers from all walks of life to create partnerships generating billions of dollars in sales every year.

Some trading portals like Alibaba and QualityTrade have accelerated online business and played an active role in product discovery.