Customizing Your E-commerce Clothing Websites Templates

Website templates are usually raw materials that need to be customized/edited to work and reflect your brand identity. Customizing or editing a website template can include modifying content, inserting graphics, embedding company logo, changing styles, changing images, changing links and much more. It is quite easy to customize modern templates because there are HTML editors designed for that. Examples of website template customization tools include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Go-Live and FrontPage. There are two main ways to edit or customize your clothing website templates:

1. Edit the content of your apparel website templates

When you buy a clothing website template, the template provider gives you an index.html file, too. You’ll need this file when you want to edit your template content. There are two primary tools you can use to edit your template’s content:

·        You can use a text editor to customize your clothing websites template’s content

A text editor is the best tool to edit your template’s content. It leaves your HTML code clean and doesn’t incorporate more junk codes. However, you’ll need technical skills to edit your template’s content with a text editor. Typical examples of text editors include Notepad, Editpad, Arachnophilia and Note Tab Light.

·        You can also edit your template content using HTML editors

The good thing about HTML editors is that anyone can edit their template without HTML skills because most of them have a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. Typical examples of HTML editors include Dreamweaver, Go-Live, and FrontPage.

2.    Edit graphics and images of your clothing websites template

Some of the tasks involved in editing images include changing the color, adding or changing the text in the images, and adding or removing image layers. To be able to edit the images on your clothing website template, you’ll have to make use of the PSD file. When buying a clothing website template, the template provider will provide you with a PSD file. However, some template providers charge you an extra fee for that. PSD file is created using Adobe Photoshop. Typical examples of software that you can use to edit PSD include Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImpact 7 & 8, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 and ImageReady. To learn more about PSD file, head to adobe.com.


If you don’t have the two programs to edit your clothing websites template, you can contact your template provider to send you BMP files, as opposed to PSD files. The advantage to a BMP file is that it can be edited using any editing software out there.


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Top 3 Best Selling Clothing Websites Templates

When thinking of selling clothes online, you’ll have to find a platform to facilitate sales. Here, you’ll be faced with two choices; create your e-commerce website or use established e-commerce marketplaces like Poshmark, ThredUP or eBay. Cloth sellers who are keen on getting maximum profitability usually drift towards building their own e-commerce websites. Although creating your own e-commerce website can be costly initially, once it’s up and running, you won’t have to pay recurring monthly fees or share your profits with anyone.

When building your e-commerce website, you’ll need a template to make it eye-catching. But, with a ton of templates out there, it can almost be an insurmountable challenge to choose the best for your e-commerce store. Happily, we’ve rounded up the best clothing website templates. Slide down to see them:

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 1: Lil Collection

If you want to create a minimalistic e-commerce website to sell clothes for money, Lil Collection is an excellent choice. It comes with a great, simple layout. It has a feminine and user-friendly design, which means it’s a great choice when selling women clothing. It also features a huge slider that you can use to display your latest promos. While it’s great for women’s clothing, you can also use it to sell men’s clothing.

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 2: Acumen

Acumen is one of the best clothing website templates out there. It’s grid-based and a product of Magento. While it’s good for clothing e-commerce websites, it’s designed to fit a huge range of e-commerce stores. The reason why fashion business owners like it is that it’s easy to customize. It also comes with a white background to enable your product photos to stand out. Acumen comes with all the necessary features you would want in a minimalistic e-commerce website.

Top 3 best-selling clothing websites templates # 3: Autumn

Prestashop creó esta plantilla. Es simple, limpio y moderno. Viene con un diseño receptivo para que se vea consistente en diferentes navegadores. Fue diseñado explícitamente para sitios web de comercio electrónico de ropa, pero puede usarlo para sombreros, calzado y cualquier sitio web de comercio electrónico de moda femenina. Es una plantilla personalizable, lo que significa que puede cambiar el diseño, el color y otras características para satisfacer las necesidades y objetivos de su tienda de comercio electrónico.


Miles de plantillas de sitios web de ropa se crean todos los días, lo que significa que tiene que hojear una tonelada de páginas para encontrar una que refleje su negocio. Con esta lista, su trabajo se ha reducido significativamente.