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How to sell will Messenger: A Basic Guide

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular applications for communication today. This makes sense because this app was created for Facebook users and there are over two billion registered Facebook users out there. Instead of communicating publicly, FB users can rely on the messenger app and have private conversations. Over a year ago, Facebook has decided to add a business feature to this app. In other words, you can sell with messenger if you want to.

You can use this messenger app in a few different ways to help your business – you can sell your products, share sponsored posts (one-liners) and create bots that can “talk” to your potential customers. With the right approach, Facebook Messenger can become a powerful business tool. One of the ways in which you can take full advantage of this app is to use Shopify’s integration features.

The basic idea of this integration feature offered by Shopify is to make private conversations with potential clients via Facebook. The feature uses almost the same mechanics as a Shopify app. There is no need to launch a new customer service module in order to start selling things. The conversations take place via Shopify’s dashboard.

Facebook Messenger for selling products online

Now let’s take a look at the things that Facebook Messenger has to offer to business owners. For instance, there is a person that visits your eCommerce website and they want to purchase something, but they have a few questions. Instead of visiting a rather boring FAQ page, they can ask questions via Facebook Messenger. Look at this as some sort of a live chat support feature. Once the transaction is finished, they will get shipping and order tracking info via messenger. They don’t have to check their emails to learn more about the progress.

Don’t forget that this communication can be found in one single thread. Now compare this to multiple emails. It’s much easier to find info that you are looking for in this way instead of searching for emails. The chances of miscommunication are minimal.

As we have already mentioned, the conversations with the clients, in this case, have one basic goal – to result in more sales. So, if you use this chat to send clients to your online store, this is a wrong approach. Keep in mind that you can add a Buy button in any conversation. In this way, customers don’t have to leave Facebook or even the chat platform in order to buy your products. As you are probably aware, the fewer steps they have to make the more sales you can expect. Even though customers will finish the process in messenger, the payment process actually takes place through your online store. In addition, the receipt is shared via messenger and clients are updated about the status of their order.

Furthermore, we should mention the access to your products via Facebook Messenger. Look at it as some sort of a bot. Every Facebook user can ask questions or choose specific characteristics like choose sizes or check availability. FB Messenger is able to recognize the questions and provide suitable answers based on the information you’ve shared with FB Messenger. Users can get info on prices, images, videos and all other things that you’ve shared in your database. Once again, there is no need for them to visit your eCommerce website.

Is this a paid feature?

Even though we can’t say that this will be a permanent thing, the fact is the Messenger won’t charge you anything for using this app for business purposes when you do this via Shopify. Of course, you have to be prepared to pay for one of Shopify’s plans that include this feature. It’s good to know that Shopify keeps this specific functionality along with other social media-related features like building a store on social media networks including Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Lastly, users should know that you don’t need to install an additional application to activate the business features on Messenger. In other words, selling via FB Messenger is a very easy task that doesn’t require any additional resources, knowledge or training.

Now let’s see how business owners and managers can start selling products and services via Facebook Messenger and Shopify. We have already mentioned that this feature has been around for over a year now. Over this period of time, the management of both of these platforms has figured out how to provide seamless integration. To put it simply, you don’t have to configure almost anything in order to start selling with Messenger. Every product you have, all the product descriptions, videos, images, and other things are already present in your online store. Even in case you have not created a FB store, you can still provide all these details and info to Facebook users via the Messenger app. Of course, you can also use it to sell things. Obviously, no one can predict how things will look like in the future, but so far, it’s quite simple to make Facebook Messenger sales.

There are many people who are wondering whether they should use this feature. They want to know is selling via Messenger a good idea. The simple answer to these questions is YES. First of all, almost any Shopify user can use this tool without any training. The fact is that the number of customer support chat applications is growing, but what makes Facebook Messenger different is that by using this application you can be accessed by millions of people that use the social media platform on a daily basis. Almost every Internet user checks their FB profile at least once a day. By giving them a chance to contact you and purchase things via messenger, you can definitely increase the number of sales. There is no doubt that integrating Shopify with the Facebook Messenger application can improve your business operations and the best part is that you don’t have to invest much money, time or energy to witness positive results.