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Must Watch Fashion Industry Trends 2019

There are a lot of things happening within the fashion industry, and anyone who is operating in it must pay due consideration. The economic environment is more challenging, and the consumer mindset is shifting. We will look at some of the trends that are making an impact in the fashion industry. The information is vital for businesses to prepare and make the appropriate accommodations to survive.

What Do We Need To Know?

Many factors are coming to play in the fashion industry. Such include new markets, shifting customer needs, the use of technology, trust issues, social causes, among others. It, therefore, requires the merchants to pay attention to macroeconomic and geopolitical factors. You must also be willing to disrupt the norm so that you continue to stay relevant. Let us look at some of the key trends that have a significant role to play in the industry.

·       Move Forward With Caution

2019 has continued to face specific challenges, especially around the economic sector. The costs of operating are rising, and there is a need to find ways to boost productivity. With an average global growth of 2.5%, many experts estimate that we could soon reach a plateau. Companies will, therefore, have to put in place measures to absorb the different shocks that come with the macroeconomic shifts. It will require greater efficiency in operations and ways of saving money. The use of innovative technology is critical. It will include automation of processes, decision-making based on analytics, application of omnichannel sales platforms, among others.

·       New Ownership Models

The modern consumer is looking for affordable and sustainable fashion items. They are also demanding greater variety, which could lead to a rise in the resale market. We can expect to see many startups, and established brands will also have to embrace new ownership models so that they remain relevant to their customers.

We can expect to see more players in the resale, rental, and refurbishment business. The major brands will look for collaborations with startups and retailers to grow their market. Consumers may also start to purchase rented or pre-owned products in more substantial numbers, especially for the more expensive items.

·       Keeping Up With the Trends

We now have young consumers who are paying attention to social and environmental causes. This has a direct influence on their purchasing habits. They will gravitate towards brands that share their beliefs and values. Any company that hopes to benefit from such customers must, therefore, integrate the necessary environmental and social aspects into their services and products.

Clothes Trends & Statistics

·       Security Features

There is a lot of mistrust within the fashion industry. Many customers have lost important information due to data breaches. Companies must, therefore, show the customers that they are taking the necessary steps to safeguard their information. Blockchain is there for making inroads within the industry, and we see more companies adopting it.

·       Industry Disruption

To remain relevant, those within the fashion industry must continue to innovate and come up with disruptive products. There will be a departure from the traditional way of doing things to streamline the supply chains and give customers a better buying experience.

·       Understanding Modern Customers

The modern customer is more demanding and has higher expectations. They also like convenience and speed of processes. It requires that you give customers good user experience, whether on the physical platform or online. Many customers shop from their mobile devices, and you must, therefore, ensure you optimize for mobile. The fast delivery of products should be one of the critical areas of operation.

Your customers must be able to access your Store from their online platforms. They should also be able to complete the transaction process without needing to log off and log into your account, thus creating efficiency and better user experience. The modern business must also continue to invest in measures to improve the conversion rates on mobile platforms. You must pay attention to streamlining the Checkout process so that you convert the abandoned cart issues. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are critical for building an organic community and improving ranking on search engines.

Companies operating within the fashion industry must also partner with technology companies to develop tools that are unique to the business is. Only then can you hope to outdo your competitors

We also see businesses applying greater use of Data analytics to understand their customers better. It will also give companies valuable information to come up with new products and technology that responds to customer needs.

·       Trade Talks

The fashion industry has become a significant contributor to any trade talks between the US and its partners. There are also many emerging economies within the global arena, thus necessitating a shift in global trade. There will, therefore, be a need to rethink sourcing and pricing strategies within the year. International brands will need to pay close attention to sourcing, speed of delivery, and product quality. Asia-pacific countries are also beginning to establish themselves within the sector. Other factors that will come into play include rising prices and squeezed margins as a way to survive.

·       Opening Up Of New Markets

Many companies are reaping the benefits of emerging markets, which expand far beyond the west. Such markets include India, which has become a focal point for those who are in the fashion industry. The middle class is becoming increasingly powerful, and technology penetration is rapidly growing. The international market can, therefore, not afford to lose the opportunities available in India.

Within 2018 to 2022, the Indian economic sector is expected to grow by 8% annually. The middle class will expand by 1.4% within the same period. It gives countries such as China, Brazil, and Mexico a run for their money. India is no longer only a sourcing platform but has become an attractive marketplace for those within the fashion industry.

Final Thoughts

There are many trends that you can continue to look forward to within the fashion industry. The focus is on the modern consumer who is more understanding of what they want, and what they can expect to receive from the different companies and merchants.

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