Marketplaces to sell clothes for Kids online

Top 6 Marketplaces to Sell Clothes for Kids Online

Children grow fast. Most of their clothes become small quickly. Instead of having a wardrobe piled up with clothes, it is essential to sell them online and get incredible new outfits in return. There are different ways to get rid of excess clothes and making some extra money. Creating an online store is one method of presenting the clothes in front of a large number of customers. With an effective store, you will not spend more money and effort while marketing. You only require including the SEO feature and integrating the store with social media platforms.

Another critical method is by listing the clothes on different marketplaces. However, having a variety of sites to sell the clothes for kids online is not an assurance of increasing revenue. You need to consider a place that aligns with the kinds of clothes you are selling. Some marketplaces sell men clothes, other women’s clothes, while others are for kids’ clothes. Here are 6 places to help you sell kids’ clothes quickly and efficiently:

X eBay

eBay turns out to be among the best sites to sell clothes for kids online. It provides an easy way to reach a wide range of buyers. Millions of buyers visit this marketplace to search for children’s’ clothes. To get potential buyers quickly, you need to present your products professionally. Quality images and description play a crucial role in increasing sales. They provide necessary information about the clothes.

eBay has an easy to use interface. You will be ready to start selling with just a few steps. All you need is to set up your eBay account, list your products, set prices, and watch people make bids on your item. Also, you can use the ‘buy it now’ option and sell the clothes at a fixed price. With this marketplace, you will not encounter many risks. It has the PCI and SSL certification to secure all the sensitive information. Although there is much competition on this site, you can win more customers. The research will help you get ideas on how to set a competitive price and create a catchy product description.

Marketplaces to sell clothes for Kids online

X Etsy

Are you searching for a site that requires no skills to list the products? Then, Etsy should be your option. It specializes in selling handmade products. Thus, if you can make great kids’ clothes, Etsy is the best for you. You can manage your inventory, buyers’ information, as well as sales from the comfort of your home. Etsy has millions of buyers: meaning that you will sell your clothes quickly. The listing fee of Etsy is low when compared to other marketplaces. It charges 20 cents per listing, and it expires after four months. You can pay an additional 20 cents to relist the products.

The good thing about Etsy is the image option. As you are aware, the photo is essential in all online businesses. With this site, you will get an opportunity to add up to 5 images and videos. Etsy has different payment options. You can receive money through PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Etsy gift cards.

X ThredUp

Going beyond your online store and listing your clothes on the marketplaces is a good idea. You will get an opportunity to reach new customers without much effort. ThredUp specializes in selling clothes. Although buyers visit this place to search for men, women, and kids’ clothes, ThredUp is a site that will assure you of selling the kids’ clothes quickly.

Nevertheless, ThredUp is not perfect for sellers with budgetary constraints. It has a high listing and commission fee. Before you list the items, you have to pay for the site to accept your clothes. This marketplace comes with active customer support. In case of any challenge, you can contact them and get positive feedback.

X Kidizen

Kidizen is specifically designed for selling kids’ clothes. It provides a simple interface to list your products. This makes it crucial for retailers without design knowledge. Ecommerce has huge competition. With this, it is becoming difficult to market the clothes online. However, with Kidizen, you will find potential customers with ease. It comes with SEO features to help you target thesearch engine users.

Are you worried about how you will manage your inventories and orders? Kidizen is here to help you. It has the management features to let you know when a customer makes purchases.

X KidtoKid

KidtoKid provides a smart and easy way to sell clothes for kids online.Many buyers visit this platform to search for maternity clothes, toys, baby’s’ clothes, as well as the children’s gears. The good thing about KidtoKid is that it allows one to upload images and videos of the products. Also, it gives room for one to create a competitive price.

X My Kid’s Threads

Customers believe in finding quality products in My Kid’s Threads. This site focuses on selling new and slightly used kid’s clothes. It is excellent for newbies as well as those with budgetary constraints. With its clean design and easy to use interface, you can sign up within few minutes.

It stands out from other sites due to its free shipping. Why worry about the methods of receiving cash from My Kid’s Threads. You will get two options: you can opt to get 50% of the profit if you want to redeem in their store or 40% of the sales if you want to get the money in the PayPal account.


There is a variety of marketplaces to sell clothes for kids online. Due to this, it is challenging to know a reliable site, which will lead to quick sales. To choose one that will suit your business, you need to create a business plan. With this, it will be easy to know your budget as well as goals. The sites come with different listing and commission fees. Thus, you will get one that will align with the budget and also one that will help you to achieve your goals.

If you have no ideaof the platform to use, consider using the Facebook marketplace. It provides cheap and easy ways to list items. With only great images and product descriptions, you will be ready to get started.

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